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Proving Your Right to Work in the UK and/or Ireland

Posted by: William on Thursday 11th May 2017

This article provides lots of useful tips and advice about the documents required to prove your right to work in the UK and/or Ireland for film and TV extras work.

The Documents Required Will Depend on your Status

If you don’t have sufficient documentation uploaded to your profile to prove your right to work in the UK and/or Ireland, you will be prompted to upload it. This will normally be in the form of a banner at the top of your Profile Edit page, or if we require this information before we can pay you for work completed you will also be notified by email. 


As always, it is your responsibility to manage your documents via the My Documents page of your profile. We do not request documents to be sent to us by email, they should always be uploaded to your profile. Failure to have sufficient proof of right to work uploaded to your profile may result in a delay in payments to you for any work completed.


When you reach your My Documents page you will be prompted to select your ‘Status’ unless you have already done so. You can choose between:

- UK Citizen (for citizens of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
- EU/EEA Citizen + Swiss (for citizens of countries within the EU/EEA and Switzerland)
- Non-EU Citizen (for citizens of countries outside the EU/EEA, not including Switzerland)

Once you have selected the appropriate option, you will then see advice on the document combinations you can upload to prove your right to work in the UK and/or Ireland.

Please note. If you are an existing member and you see the words, “Your selection has now been locked by out administrator” under the status that you selected, this means that we have manually verified your right to work and are happy with the documents that you have provided. If your status changes and needs to be adjusted on your profile, please Contact Us.

Uploading Documents

Documents can be uploaded using the ‘Upload New’ section of your My Documents page. First select the document that you want to upload using the dropdown menu. Depending on the document selected you will see various entry fields, help text and even an example to help guide you. Please take care to follow our guidelines carefully and remember that our moderation team manually check your documents.

Common reasons why a document may not be accepted:

- If the field information that you enter does not match that on the document uploaded
- If the image is blurry or not clear
- If the image is cropped or does not show the whole document
- If the name, date of birth or any other information is inconsistent with the information that you have provided on your profile


Please note that failure to follow our guidelines could result in a delay in payments to you if you do not meet our requirements for right to work.

Document Expiry Notifications

If a document expires (which not all documents do) you will be notified twice:

- Once 30 days before it is due to expire, and
- Once on the date that the document expires

As stated in the email notification that you are sent, if you have already provided an updated version of the document that we are emailing you about, please simply ignore the notification email. These emails are automated and sent when the document expires, whether you have already provided us with an updated document or not!

Please also note. For ‘UK Citizens’ and ‘EU/EEA Citizens +Swiss’, the expiry of right to work documents will not result in you losing the right to work if you had previously been manually moderated by our administrator. If we have manually verified your right to work in the past, you will still have the right to work according to our system. The only people whose right to work could become invalidated when their documents expire are ‘Non-EU Citizens’.

How Do I Check if I Have Met the Right to Work Requirements?

Are you worried that your right to work has expired? If you visit your Profile Edit page and see this banner, our records indicate that you no longer have the right to work:


If you do not see this banner on your Profile Edit page, you have still met the minimum requirements for right to work.

Please note. After uploading new documents, the banner may take up to 24 hours to disappear.

UK Citizens

As a UK citizen you have the choice of three document combinations to prove your right to work.

If you have a UK passport, this is the easiest method because you only need to scan and upload a single document. Please note that if you have an Irish passport, this will not be suitable for right to work proof if you have selected that you are a ‘UK Citizen’ – it must be a UK passport. If you have an Irish passport you should proceed under the ‘EU/EEA Citizen + Swiss’ status instead. 


Please note that whilst we may sometimes accept out-of-date UK passports as proof of your right to work, we do reserve the right to request other forms of proof if required. It is always best to have the most up-to-date version of a document uploaded to your profile where possible.

If you are a ‘UK Citizen’ but do not have a UK passport, you can alternatively upload a ‘Full UK Birth or Adoption Certificate’ and a ‘National Insurance Number Proof’ document, OR, a ‘Registration or Naturalisation Certificate’ and a ‘National Insurance Number Proof’ document.

Again please follow our guidance when uploading each type of document and note that your national insurance number card does not count as proof of your national insurance number – this must be an official document issued by a government agency or a previous employer, i.e. a P45.

EU/EEA Citizens + Swiss

As a EU/EEA citizen you have the option to upload a ‘Passport’, ‘National Identity Card’ or ‘Registration or Naturalisation Certificate’ to prove your right to work in the UK and/or Ireland.

Please follow our directions closely when uploading each document and remember to scan the front and back of your ‘National Identity Card’ if this is the document chosen.

Croatian Citizens: as you may already be aware, the rules are slightly different for Croatian citizens compared to other EU/EEA countries when it comes to right to work. As a result, Croatian citizens must provide a passport and a valid accession worker authorisation document. Your accession worker authorisation document should be uploaded under the doc type: ‘Visa or Permission to Work Document’ via your My Documents page.

Non-EU Citizens

As a non-EU citizen, uploading a ‘Biometric Residence Card or Permit (For the UK)’ is the simplest way to prove your right to work in the UK and/or Ireland. If you do not have one of these but you do have the right to work, please instead upload a valid in-date ‘Passport’ and a ‘Visa or Permission to Work Document’. 

Please follow our directions closely when uploading each document and remember to scan the front and back of your ‘Biometric Residence Card or Permit’ if this is the document chosen.

Please note. If you have an ILR or ILE stamp in your passport, it must be within your current passport for us to be able to accept it as proof of your right to work.



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