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Extras Covid-19 Support

We are dedicated to supporting our Extras and Supporting Artistes in their return to set safely.

As a casting agency, Uni-versal Extras is constantly reviewing the latest government regulations and recommendations – alongside working closely with the major UK film unions and bodies to ensure best practice is developed and followed, by productions and our Extras.

As part of our casting process, we have adapted our checks where necessary to support safe casting in the current climate. This includes minimising travel to reduce exposure, staggering arrival times and health checks… to name but a few! These steps enable us to support productions restarting and help to ensure that your safety is prioritised in this unusual time.

You can help too – productions have reduced crew on set, which means fewer costume, hair and make-up crew are now available. Please update your photos and measurements regularly as there isn’t as much flexibility as there once was. Besides, everyone loves a recent photo and the latest hair styles!

With this in mind, please find our Artiste’s Covid-19 Procedures below. We will continue to update these documents and procedures as the Covid-19 recovery continues.

Click the image below to open a full quality PDF version.


Please note that this document must not be copied or reproduced without written consent from Uni-versal Extras Ltd.

Update for Covid-19 Testing

As the industry continues to ramp up, the one thing you have probably noticed is most productions now require Covid-19 testing for you to be a part of the production.

How do I know if a test is required?

Productions which may require you to film in situations where you are closer than 2 meters apart from others, usually need you to be Covid-19 tested before your fitting and filming dates to make sure a safe work environment is upheld and government guidelines are followed.

When we contact you to pencil or book you in for a role, we will provide you with a date for your Covid-19 test if applicable. When you are booked on a job for multiple dates you may be given multiple test dates to cover any gaps in the schedule, making sure it is safe for you to return to filming.

Sometimes you are given additional filming dates while already booked on a production and this may mean you will require more Covid-19 tests. Once we have confirmation, we will let you know if a test is required.

Do I get paid for a Covid-19 test?

Most productions provide their own Covid-19 tests and you do not have to pay for them yourself. They are normally carried out at the production’s own base or a specific testing location used by the production. On most productions you will actually be paid to attend a Covid-19 test – this is normally covered under a non-performance fee. That means on a job using a union pay scheme such as FAA you would earn £51.34 before travel!

When our Casting Team is checking you for a test, we will confirm how much the production are paying for Covid-19 test days.

Why do I need to test more than once?

Covid-19 tests are essential for keeping our industry running and mean productions can provide a safe work environment for all. Check out the Covid-19 guidelines provided by British film Commission here.

Importance of Photos & Measurements

Productions are relying, now, more than ever, on photos & measurements of extras being up-to-date to help keep the on-set work environment safe for all. Productions are planning fitting slots and costumes around information we provide in advance. This is to ensure that, when you arrive, the production team can get you in and out with limited contact with crew and other Extras to reduce any potential Covid-19 exposure.

If you arrive not looking as per your pictures or having different measurements compared to your profile, this will cause delays and can result in you being turned away without pay. To avoid any mishaps, check out our Photos and Measurements blog posts for some help and guidance.


Clothing Photos

Many productions are now looking for extras that can bring their own clothing to reduce the need for close-contact costume fittings.

Fully activated members can upload up to 10 photos via their My Photos page. This includes a number of advanced photo types, for example if you have specific items of clothing such as business attire or uniforms. Please only upload photos of you in clothes you own and ensure that they meet our standard requirements for images. For more information, see this blog post.