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How it Works

How it works

To get involved just follow our simple online registration

Or if you have already registered, Sign in here.

The relationship between you and us is essential to our service. Once registered, you become an ambassador of Uni-versal Extras Ltd and we work nonstop to find you paid opportunities working as an Extra.

Unlike other agencies you can register with Uni-versal Extras at any time throughout the year, which means that you can join our agency when you have the best availability to work. To find out about our listing costs and what you can earn working as an EXTRA, please visit the money page.

During the simple registration process you must supply accurate information and suitable photos to have any chance of being accepted as a Uni-versal ‘EXTRA’. If your application is approved, we will call to offer you any opportunities that you may be suitable for. In addition, you will be able to view and apply for jobs online and gain access to exclusive Uni-versal Extras member’s only content.


What We Expect

Uni-versal Extras has a reputation for supplying quality, reliable and professional Extras. This reputation relies on you and in turn allows us to offer you more exciting opportunities.

The Three Ps: we expect you to be punctual, professional and polite at all times.

As a Uni-versal ‘EXTRA’, it is essential that you log in regularly to maintain your profile by keeping your photos, measurements and skills up-to-date. When browsing jobs online, you should always read the full description and only apply if you are available to work.

Full guidance on what we require can be found in the Welcome Pack that we will send when you join.


What You Can Expect

As you can see from our recent productions, Uni-versal Extras is a busy Extras Agency. Seeking work as an Extra is dependent on ‘look’ and ‘skills’ so whilst we are unable to make guarantees, we can assure you that our experienced teams will work continuously to find you as many opportunities as possible.

Working as an Extra can involve very early starts and long days/nights of 10 hours or more. We will always make you aware of the job details before you can accept any role that we offer to you.

So if you are looking for a friendly, upfront and helpful Extras Agency, we look forward to working with you. Full guidance on what you can expect is included in the Welcome Pack that we will send you when you join.

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To register as a Uni-versal 'EXTRA', please follow the simple online registration process.
Once approved you will gain access to exclusive members only content.

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